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In 2020, while massive protests about the brutal George Floyd killing were taking place, many U.S. companies issued superficial press releases in support.

One company (Medallia) has gone much farther….

Leslie Stretch, CEO (June 9, 2020)​:

“The population of this company must reflect society. The 2019 Census records the US population as 13% Black or African American. We are miles from this with only 1% of our US employees self-identified as Black or African American.

“We can do better.

“Our goals are as follows: increasing our Black or African American US population to 3% by February 15, 2021, 6% by February 15, 2022 and 13% by February 15, 2023. This is a measured approach and a real goal with real consequences. The Medallia Executive team is committed to achieving these goals. Accordingly, the Executive leadership will not receive equity award refresh grants unless these goals are achieved each year.”

Medallia's current, publicly-reported diversity results

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